Reliance Risk are risk management professionals with specialist experience across the sport, entertainment, venue, and event industries. We provide a practical approach to problem solving and risk management; with a team of industry experts, we can match the right skills to the right clients.

Risk Management

Risk Management is about balancing productive effort against reward; it’s about making considered choices that provide value for the limited resources we have available. Risk Management is not just about health and safety compliance, but about applying a range of principles to help make good decisions. Reliance Risk understands the value that comes from effective risk management and applies it to each organisation’s needs.

Wayne Middleton

Our founding Director, Wayne Middleton, is a recognised industry expert in risk management across the sport, entertainment, venues and events industries. Wayne brings 30 years experience as a manager of public venues and major events, and 20 years as a risk management specialist for government, transport, construction, venues, sporting facilities and events.

Wayne holds a Masters in Risk Management and a Bachelor of Administration. In 2014, Wayne was one of just two Australians to receive the IAVM’s Certified Facility Executive (CFE) designation, a highly regarded level of achievement that indicates his commitment to advancement and professionalism in the venue industry. In 2005, Wayne was the winner of the University of NSW Workcover Award for Academic Achievement, and an Australian Risk Manager of the Year finalist.

Wayne is an internationally recognised speaker, instructor and thought leader in risk management for events, sports and venues, and has been an instructor in risk management at the venue management school in APAC for a decade. From 2017 to 2020 he will be the chair of that school and is a regular contributor to industry publications.


Consulting Team

Our experienced team of Risk Management professionals specialise in health and safety, risk management, emergency preparedness, training and crisis planning. 

Our team has been involved in many high profile projects requiring complex stakeholder engagement and multiple deliverables whilst maintaining strict project timelines. 

Our Clients

Reliance Risk provides risk management services to organisations across the spectrum of sporting, venue, entertainment and event management. Our long-term relationships with clients come about through mutual trust and high standards of service.