Verification & Assurance

The coordination of multiple stakeholders is essential when planning complex events or operating public venues. With more stakeholders comes more complexities and a greater need for control. Even with the most robust risk management system in place, there is always the opportunity for things to get missed. 

Ultimately, accountability rests with senior management and recognising this issue, we offer third party risk management verification for your peace of mind.

Our consultants provide a comprehensive review of risk management plans, highlighting issues and providing alternative solutions where necessary. Ensuring all legislative requirements are fulfilled and strategies are workable, our services provide assurance that nothing has been neglected. 


While risk management plans assign accountability, even the best risk management plans fall over if not properly assured. As qualified and independent auditors, we help clients monitor implementation of these plans or of their risk or safety management systems. We also customise and deliver audit protocols to the specific needs of the client.

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