Industry Specific Training

Venues and events are constantly being challenged by changes in legislation, public expectations and fallout from incidents.  It has never been more important to implement and manage the most up-to-date risk management strategies.

In addition to teaching a comprehensive understanding of legislative requirements, our professional training programs recognise the importance of practical and tailored solutions to identify, measure and manage risk within your organisation.

A weakening economy, raised national security level and recent industry related incidents have introduced new risk factors that require training beyond simple safety solutions. In response, our management consultants can provide desktop scenrios with real life solutions or realistic case studies that help raise awareness and ensure a competent workforce.


Workplace Training

Training is an important risk management strategy for any business. It's also a formal requirement under Work Health & Safety legislation. We are experienced trainers and adult educators, developing and delivering workplace training specific to the needs of your business, in areas of safety, security and risk management.

Reliance Risk offers a selection of training programs covering all aspects of venue and event related risk management. Key course topics are listed below: 

  • Practical application of new WHS laws and relevant case studies
  • Considerations for operations, mid-level and senior managers
  • Design and implementation of effective risk management and assurance systems
  • Due diligence and contractor safety
  • Crowd management, profiling and planning
  • Emergency planning and business continuity
  • Operational readiness
  • Risk information management systems
  • Emergency and threat planning 
  • Business continuity and crisis management 

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