Australians love their sport. At a participation level it gels communities and improves physical fitness. At an elite level, sport provides us with role models, gives us international recognition, and supports a range of commercially successful industries. Interest in sport spans both the public and private sectors, attracting significant investment in competition, administration and infrastructure.

Sport presents a broad range of governance, risk and compliance issues (GRC). From the large and passionate crowds packed into sporting venues to the internal risk management of sporting teams, Reliance Risk understands the unique complexity of the industry.

Reliance Risk specialises in sport-specific risk management services and partners with high profile state and national sporting organisations, outdoor recreational groups and adventure specific sports.


We provide sport specific risk management services to:

  • National Sporting Organisations (NSO)
  • State Sporting Organisations (SSO)
  • Outdoor Recreational Groups
  • Adventure Sports
  • Other major sporting bodies.

Reliance Risk Projects

Reliance Risk has provided successful risk management services to high profile sporting organisations including:

  • Australian Sports Commission – Corporate Risk Review for Sporting Schools Implementation (2015)
  • National Rugby League Emergency Management Plans for NRL Headquarters, Risk Assessment for NRL Grand Final Helicopter Landings into ANZ Stadium (2011 – 2015)
  • Western Australian Football Commission – Risk Management Framework (2016)
  • V8 Supercars – Review of Critical Incident Management Plans (2016)
  • Cronulla Sharks Post Grand Final Celebrations (2016)
  • Surfing Australia – Risk Reviews of High Performance Centre, Surf Schools, Board Riders Clubs (2013-2014)

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