Public Spaces are areas that are owned and managed by an entity where people other than their workers are invited onto the site. 

As either owner or manager of that space, common law imposes a duty of care towards the visitors to take reasonable care in managing foreseeable risks.  The level of care required is normally dictated by the courts in cases of negligence. The standard of care can be commensurate on the obviousness of the risk and the level of risk that the individual is assumed to have accepted.

Public Spaces can be either natural or manmade structures and are used for social, recreational, entertainment or sporting pursuits, and can include shopping malls, schoolyards and carparks.  

Natural Environments such as parklands, beaches, forests, coastal walks, playgrounds and rivers require a specialised risk assessment. There is an imperative to manage the foreseeable risks within these public spaces.


Reliance Risk specialises in public space harm minimisation through strategies including:

  • Hazard audits and signage reviews
  • Safety management systems
  • Risk assessments
  • Incident investigations
  • Security and emergency reviews

Safety of public spaces requires a comprehensive assessment of the natural environment, plus any structures contained within them.

Reliance Risk Projects

Reliance Risk has provided consulting services for the following Public Spaces:

  • Barrangaroo Delivery Authority - Barrangaroo Point Risk Assessment  (2015)
  • Centennial Parklands & Botanic Gardens – Safety and Emergency Management (2012 - present)
  • Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority (SHFA) – Benchmarking Waterfront Precincts (2015)
  • Randwick City Council - NSW Golf Club Coastal Walk Risk Assessment (2015)

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