The Product

RiskSense101 is an online risk assessment, risk profiling and incident reporting product pioneered by Reliance Risk. It is suitable for any organisation seeking to improve the way that they manage and monitor risks. Helps users:

  • Assess and control business and event related risk
  • Record and analyse incidents
  • Collaborate with multiple stakeholders
  • Easily generate reports 
  • Mobile responsive 

 Assess and control business and event related risk

Easy to navigate step-by-step process from team set-up to final Risk Assessment.

 Record and Analyse Incidents

Based on years of industry data, our templates make Risk Assessments faster.

 Benchmark industry risks and incident statistics within an organisation and against other relevant industry users.

Different plans to suit all needs, from basic to platinum plans.

Create teams and invite other users to contribute to a Risk Assessment.

The Problem

RiskSense101 was developed to help shift the perspective from risk management as an operational compliance issue, to an integrated part of business decision making. 

Our research found very few ‘user friendly’ technologies available to reduce the resource intensive and time-consuming nature of risk assessment.

Without opportunities to systematically share industry data, build knowledge from risk-related research and foster continuous improvement in risk management, risk assessment tends to be overly subjective and ultimately less effective.

The Benefits 

RiskSense101 was developed to reduce costs, subjective bias and improve the quality of risk assessment.

Reducing guesswork and the need for expert assistance, RiskSense101 provides users with an user-friendly information management system based on the internationally recognised risk management standard ISO:31000.

Additionally, through the anonymous and encrypted sharing of risks with other users through the online platform and database, RiskSense101 continually sets new industry benchmarks, increasing sophistication and quality across the industry.  


RiskSense101 is available by subscription and an annual or monthly license provides the following features:

  • Unlimited use of the software with unlimited users over the period of the licence.
  • Full software set up to customise current people, locations, users and user privileges.
  • Free product upgrades.
  • Uploading current risk assessments used by your organisation.
  • User training for a client administrator and users.
  • Product maintenance and support.
  • Mobile capability for reporting new risks and monitoring the status of risk controls. 

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