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IMS For Venues & Events


The Product

IMS has been developed to meet the specific information management and crisis management needs of venues and events, by capturing and communicating the right information to the right people at the right time so they can make the right decisions.

IMS is an application for managing the complexities of corporate issues, incidents and crisis management problems. It is perfect for complex sites with multiple schedules and large numbers of stakeholders. It allows for centralised monitoring of information flows enabling quick decisions.

IMS has been successfully used at recent Rugby and Cricket World Cups.

The software applies three key principles:


To deploy and use on both desktop and mobile devices, providing 24/7 access with no installation required.


With a broad suite of functionality users have the ability to 'zoom in' on information relevant to their role/location.

Reliable & Resilient

Built using the latest .NET technology, IMS has been developed and tested to be readily available and reliable.

The Problem

Many large venue and event enterprises have common problems. They need to effectively and efficiently manage information, operations and stakeholder expectations. They can be affected by issues, incidents and crises, meaning they need good support systems to respond and recover. 


  • Built using the latest .NET technology hosted by Microsoft Azure with secure data centres around the globe.
  • Easy to set-up, configure and use, with no installation required this online tool is desktop and mobile compatible.
  • Quick and effective for users to share, capture, track and manage information, issues and solutions.
  • User responsive workflows with streamlined reporting and centralised key information and documentation that includes task ownership allocation, pre-defined alerts, escalations and notifications.
  • Situation awareness and social media monitoring within the tool
  • Templates that allow users to set up pre-defined tasks linked to automatic trigger notifications. 

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