DoneSafe Software

The Product

Working across all browsers and devices DoneSafe provides an online platform that makes risk assessment and safety a collaborative effort. In addition to simplifying and streamlining risk management, the platform automates safety solutions when incidents are reported, following through with reminders until the situation is resolved.  

Four Simple Modules
Observe, Manage, Learn, Monitor

Works on any Device
DoneSafe is easily accessible

Jargon Free
Powerful features & Plain language

DoneSafe have built their product from the ground up, with the user experience in mind, taking away the mindless forms and jargon and delivering a solution which grows with your business.

DoneSafe covers all the bases, managing everything from hazards and risks, auditing and observations, plant and equipment, chemicals, learning, visitors and contractors, consultation and knowledge base as well as an insight driven reporting function.

The Problem

Managing safety and compliance can be a complex problem. Having a single repository of all safety information can be difficult; particularly when there are multiple stakeholders that need to provide information and direct safety management activities.

DoneSafe provides an online, multi-access platform, where safety concerns and solutions can be recorded by every party involved in your organisation.


  • Monthly subscription includes configuration of the software.
  • Offers Safety, Compliance & Audit, Contractor Management & Visitor Recording, Injury & Claims, Health & Hygiene, and Training & Emergency Management. 
  • Can be managed as a configurable system allowing you to customise to your specific needs.
  • Powerful form builder using templates.
  • Automatically trigger actions based from worker reports.
  • Customisable workflows and configurable automation.
  • Get simple yet powerful reports.
  • Create a safety culture and build your documents into a powerful knowledge base.

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