Risk Management Consulting 

No two events or venues are the same, and even with the right skills and intentions, navigating risk related problems can be a challenge.

From over a decade of industry experience exceeding 500 projects, our consultants are trained to customise each solution based on individual customer's problems. In addition to legal and legislative expertise, we provide practical common sense results to the most complex risk scenarios.

 Our approach to risk management integrates the pragmatic with the technical and our consultants thoroughly consider the needs of all parties involved when planning solutions. This ensures that while our solutions are thorough and prioritised, it is not at the expense of achieving your goals.

Clients use our consulting services because of our independence and expertise, and to benchmark themselves against others based on our industry experience. We share our know-how and monitor good practice across industries.

Our range of services include:

Risk Assessment

At the core of successful risk management, risk assessment is an important tool to identify key priorities and make effective decisions based on an organisation's risk appetite.

Risk management plans

We help clients establish a risk-based approach to managing threats and opportunities. We document strategies and tactics for controlling risks and establish a clear accountability framework.

Risk registers

This is the most common method for documenting and monitoring risks at strategic, operational, safety, security or enterprise-wide levels. Reliance Risk helps organisations develop risk registers with simple-to-use technology.

Emergency management plans

We can develop, train and test emergency management plans for public venues or major events using relevant industry standards.

Risk management frameworks

These define the process by which risk will be managed across the organisation. Using a framework helps ensure that the organisation has a clear and consistent way of addressing different types of risk that it encounters, and clearly define roles and responsibilities for each required task.

Risk and safety management systems

We help to develop or appraise clients against a range of industry risk and safety management system standards. We also help to customise organisations own systems to ensure they reflect the management activities undertaken within the organisation.

Incident investigation

When serious incidents occur, an accurate and timely response is essential to mitigate losses, regulator investigations, coronial enquiries and adverse media attention. We investigate the incident thoroughly from ‘grass roots' through to system failures, and advise on an appropriate course of action. These can be done to improve safety standards or for public liability investigations.

Risk Manager

A growing number of organisations are recognising that they do not have the necessary in-house expertise to implement risk management effectively. We provide this role, working as an integral part of the senior management team in establishing an effective Enterprise-wide Risk Management program.

Our services stretch the spectrum of risk management covering:

  • Events Risk Management
  • Organisational Risk
  • Work health and safety (WH&S)
  • Business continuity
  • Emergency management
  • Crisis management

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