Seven people were hospitalised and a further 13 injured after a promotional event for the LG G2 smart phone in Seoul, South Korea last month went horribly wrong. The promotion, which had been advertised as the ‘G in the Cloud’ event, involved LG releasing 100 helium balloons into the air over an outdoor park, each with a voucher for a free G2 smart phone voucher attached. According to the BBC News, the company had promised to give away these phones, valued at approximately $850, to holders of the vouchers. In Australia, Fairfax reported that some very determined people arrived at the event with BB rifles which they used to shoot down the balloons. One person was even reportedly carrying a pointed staff to throw. According to the Korea Times, the crowd converged into a ‘giant scrum’ as people pushed and scrambled towards the balloons with several people being injured.

The Independent reported that news outlets in Korea named the event ‘World War G’, and interspersed footage of the post-apocalyptic film, World War Z with coverage of the incident.

As a result of the injuries, LG cancelled promotional activities for the handset that were due to take place in other Korean cities throughout last month. The company has also reportedly issued a public apology and offered to provide compensation to victims. Via the BBC News, LG issued a statement saying that LG “deeply regret[s] that a number of Korean participants were injured....LG takes full responsibility for the unfortunate situation and has offered to cover all related medical expenses.”

This incident highlights the global obsession with technology and the extreme lengths that some people will go to get their hands on the latest device!