Securing the chance to host an electronic music festival in March at Waterfront Park was welcomed by the San Diego County, who had opened the Park in May 2014. The two-day CRSSD Festival brought internationally acclaimed electronic artists, disc jockeys and singers to entertain approximately 15, 000 people, and sold general admission tickets at a price of US$145, as San Diego Union Tribune reported.

Requiring only a $7, 000 deposit from the organisers, it seems the County was not expecting anywhere near the amount of damage that the event incurred when it took place.  As EDM Magazine reported, the organisers have been ordered to pay for $64, 000 worth of damage repair costs to the County of San Diego.

In Australia, some wedding venues offer hirers the option to pay a Damage Waiver fee, which is a percentage of the total value of the venue hire, and indemnifies the hirer against costs incurred as a result of the event, so long as the hirer follows the venue’s instructions to fulfil their responsibilities.

Such indemnities would only be offered on the proviso that the venue had a good understanding of the risk profile of the event hirer and they do not breach any of its strict hire conditions.