A young man was tragically killed at a Turfco worksite in southern NSW early this month in a workplace related accident, highlighting the importance of commitment to Workplace Health and Safety responsibilities for us all. As Fox Sports reported, 19 year old Blaine Rozs was using a tractor with a workmate to stack turf, when a vehicle attachment struck him. Paramedics were called to the scene, however he sadly died from crush injuries before help arrived. Having played for the St George Illawarra Dragons Under-20s team, Blaine was considered a “respected and highly regarded” player, and at such a young age, it seems particularly shocking that this accident has removed him from a promising future. While WorkCover NSW and local police are continuing an investigation into the incident, Blaine’s death highlights the importance of taking steps to ensure safety at workplaces where plant and machinery are used. Operators of high risk plant must always carry appropriate licenses on their person while operating the equipment, daily start up inspections and log books should be maintained, the equipment’s safety features such as flashing light and audible reverse beeper should be functional and safe operating procedures should be maintained at all times.

Employers have a legislative responsibility under Work Health and Safety legislation to ensure that foreseeable hazards relating to the workplace are identified, and that appropriate measures are in place to prevent accidents and injuries arising from these hazards.