Ticket scalping, assault, and drug and alcohol abuse have been a common problem for music festival organisers internationally, as the Morning Bulletin reported. However due to the introduction of new technologies in the UK, this trend could be set to change. A British police intelligence conference held in March at London’s O2 Arena recently focussed on how information sharing could occur between music event organisers and police to prevent criminal activity, of which counterfeit ticketing is prominent. As reported on the Leicestershire Police website, police forces across the nation have been asked to cooperate with the music event industry to identify patterns of behaviour that threaten the safety and success of music events.

A national network of knowledge sharing would allow relevant connected parties to access information relating to planned or probable criminal activities at music events. Larger-scale information spaces that store active critical information are useful for reflecting on the current status of an area of interest, and can inform the planning for and resourcing of events.

Hopefully this coordinated effort will result in a tougher crack down on people seeking to run amuck, use and sell illicit drugs, and profit illegally from music festivals.