An investigation into the safety of a trampoline park in Dalkeith, Scotland has been launched by the local council following reports of over one hundred incidents occurring over a three-week period in January this year. As BBC News reported, Midlothian council was alerted to the injuries occurring at the recently opened Ryze Ultimate Trampoline Park, and while it continues to investigate allegations against the venue, the Park has been temporarily closed. In defence of the statistics that BBC presented to Ryze Edinburgh citing 102 injuries since the Park’s opening, the Chief Executive noted that against the total of 25, 662 trampoline users that had visited the Park in the three-week period, the incident rate was only 0.39%. However, as BBC reported, seven of the injuries allegedly arising from use of facilities at the Park were serious, and included fractured bones, a broken neck, and a broken back.

Several Park visitors that spoke to BBC reporters said that there had been no first aid qualified staff at the Park, with one mother of an injured child stating the care her son received was “a complete disaster”. Other visitors reported that Park staff concerns following an injury occurring were centred around completing accident report forms, instead of ensuring appropriate medical care was given to injured patrons.

The incidents reflect a similar occurrence in Australia in 2014, after a reported increase in the number of children seeking hospital treatment correlating with the rapid growth of trampoline parks across the country. Indoor activity centres present a healthy alternative to sedentary leisure activities such as video games and watching TV, however it is important that adequate control measures are in place to protect patrons from the risk of injury associated with trampolines. The Australian Trampoline Park Association was formed in 2014 to develop, maintain and enforce compliance with industry standards to ensure safety at its members’ facilities, and according to its website, is independently audited annually.