A confronting display of participating in what is reportedly a trend in the skating community has landed NRL player, Todd Carney in dire circumstances. His $650, 000 a year contract with the Cronulla Sharks Football Club, of which three years remained, has been terminated. As the Daily Telegraph reported, an image of the footballer apparently drinking his own urine while urinating at a  nightclub was posted to Twitter in late June, before going viral on social media. After the image was circulated to the Sharks’ club management, an emergency meeting was held at their home ground, where the termination of his contract was made effective immediately. Mr Carney was reportedly made aware of his contractual responsibilities on and off the field as a Club member and the grounds for his termination were for breaching their “strong values and high standards”. Responses to his sacking have reportedly been varied, with several players disappointed in Carney’s risk-taking behaviour, and others annoyed by management’s speedy decision.  Carney’s lawyer, Mr. Riolo has stated that the sacking is unlikely to be challenged legally, but that his behaviour should not have been grounds for his dismissal.

The incident again highlights the high potential reputational risk for professional sportspeople in being filmed behaving badly.