Australian and UK newspapers reported today that the image of the Commonwealth games could be in pieces in Delhi next year. The Commonwealth Games Federation president, Michael Fennell, has warned that unless the management culture and functioning of the organising committee improved significantly the ''Games will fail from an operational perspective''. He has reported to have written to the Delhi Games organizing committee saying unorganised preparations have put the Commonwealth Games brand at serious risk. Mr Fennell has insisted on an urgent meeting with the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, to enroll his help with a ''recovery plan'' for the Delhi Games, October 2010. In the industry of venues, events and sports the most valuable yet most intangible asset is often their brand and reputation. Managing the real risks to brand and reputation should start in the board room long before the tickets for events are put on sale. By applying the principles of risk management to their reputational risks provides executive managers with a framework that can be used within the companies procedures and operations. This enables the company to manage and protect the enterprise from potentially foreseeable and unnecessary risks to their brand and reputation, of which they value so much.