As reported by the The Age newspaper today, a teenager attending a trade school in Melbourne was accidentally shot in the back with a nail gun. Paramedics found the 18-year-old youth with a 4.5cm nail lodged into the centre of his back. Apparently, the accident happened as another student was firing the nail gun into a wall in a construction industries class. It was reported by paramedics at the scene that the nail inadvertently went through the wall then all the way into the youths back, at the middle around his spine. The student was taken to The Alfred hospital in a stable condition about 9.30am with the nail still in his back. This incident raises the question of what Safety Management Systems are appropriate to implement in school venues? There are many precautions and safety procedures required for using powered equipment on construction sites. Given the age and relative inexperience of students, there are arguably even more risks that arise in a school learning venue when using similar equipment. While it is unclear as to the causes of this particular incident, safety procedures of the school should exist for all construction and maintenance equipment, particularly those that are powered. These should address the appropriate level of qualifications and experience of instructing teachers, site awareness, use of personal protective equipment, pre-start checks, instructions on loading and operating the equipment and relevant risks.