It’s important that everyone involved in an event understands the role they play in risk management.
It is very common for event organisers to assume venue managers will take responsibility for accidents that occur at the venue. Unfortunately, it’s equally as common for venue managers to assume event organisers will cop the blame if an incident occurs.

The truth is that all stakeholders associated with an event or venue are impacted when things go wrong, so it’s best to work out who is going to do what to mitigate risks and work together in risk planning.

The view that a venue owner should not get involved in the event organiser’s risk planning for fear of litigation does not take into account the potential damage that an incident at an event can have on the venue’s image and reputation. It is that image and reputation that sponsors and other event organisers so greatly value. More and more venues are now working closely with event organisers through their risk assessments to ensure an integrated approach to risk management.

Effective risk management requires senior management buy-in. The senior managers of every organisation involved in an event have to be part of the risk management process. Accountability is very easily lost when parties do not communicate. It’s important to recognise the value of good stakeholder consultation and integration as a cornerstone of good risk management.