The State of Origin decider at ANZ Stadium last month had spectators on the edge of their seats, and not merely because of the tackles between the players. Spectator Wati Holmwood, a man whose body is now familiar to a global audience, managed to evade security for long enough to launch himself onto the field during the final minutes of the match. As reported by ABC News, naked but for a pair of shoes and apparently “lubed-up” with Vaseline, the 33-year-old ran the length of the field before tripping over and being forcibly removed by security. The Queensland team had been threatening to score when Mr Holmwood tripped over and as the referee ruled, impeded the New South Wales players and caused a confusing jostle. The referee ruled no try and ordered a scrum, which saw the Maroons awarded a set of six tackles, and according to The Guardian this may have caused the Blues to ultimately lose as they lost a chance to go to the other end of the field to score, but we’ll never know.

Mr Holmwood was taken to Auburn Hospital where he asked a reporter of The Daily Telegraph, “Am I in trouble now?” ‘Trouble’ indeed, to the tune of a $5, 500 fine, and facing charges of wilful and obscene exposure, and entering or remaining on a playing field without authorisation. He can expect a life ban from the ANZ Stadium and from future rugby league matches. Mr Holmwood had evidently been out of the line of sight of security when he entered the field, and as an ANZ Stadium spokesperson told ABC News, the Stadium was reviewing its security arrangements with its security provider, NSW police, and event partners.