As was recently reported by Australasian Leisure Management's e-news, over the past five years 29 people have died and at least 540 have been seriously injured from participating in adventure sports in New Zealand. Although the industry is governed by various compliance requirements, the very nature of adventure sports carries a high degree of inherent risk The release of the statistics has led the New Zealand Department of Labour to conduct a gap analysis of risk management and safety provisions in the adventure and outdoor commercial sectors.

The subsequent report will benchmark that industry's safety standards in New Zealand against those of other countries.

The report is aimed at giving recommendations to drive continuous improvement in the industry and to reduce the human costs that the statistics reflect.

New Zealand's tourism industry is well supported by the adventure sports and outdoor sectors and given its profile internationally, ‘safety' must be a core value that underpins the fun and adventure that the industry promotes. Without achieving improvements in their safety standards, the industry will suffer longer term brand damage as a result.