In the wake of a series of frightening terrorism acts across Australia, Denmark and Paris in recent months, Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced a pending policy change in national security and bail conditions to keep Australia safe. As The Guardian reported, Mr Abbott’s response to the NSW and Federal government’s investigation of the tragic siege at the Lindt café in Martin Place is set to be delivered to the Australian public in coming weeks. His response will follow findings that the perpetrator of the siege, Man Horon Monis, had been granted political asylum in Australia from Iran in 2001, and at the time of the siege, was on bail from a charge of accessory to murder of his former wife.

Revoking of Australian citizenship for those individuals with dual citizenship involved in terrorist acts in Australia or overseas, has been the topic of a debate amongst members of the Australian parliamentary anti-terrorism committee. This would follow the introduction of such measures for dual nationals in Canada, France and Britain in recent times, and is a step up from the Australian government’s current position to cancel passports for Australian citizens suspected of being involved with terrorist actions or organisations.   Mr Abbott has stated that the “benefit of the doubt” given to those seeking to immigrate to Australia will no longer be given to “bad people” involved in terrorist activities who may be a threat to the nation’s safety and security, as ABC News reported.

Given the recent increase in terrorism internationally, it is likely that strategies to increase Australia’s security efforts will be consistent with those of other United Nations member states seeking to disrupt terrorist plans for supporters of terrorist organisations.