The sporting world has been rocked by the jailing of a number of key players in the Pakistani cricket and Italian football match fixing controversies. Three Pakistani cricketers were given sentences ranging from six months to two-and-a-half years, while 15 members of the 2006 Italian football scandal were found guilty of criminal association aimed at committing sports fraud. The former Juventus Director Luciano Moggi was given a five year, four month jail sentence.     

Risks Related to Sports Betting

As #*IT Happens noted last year, the internet as a gambling tool and the increased availability of live sport on television and the web  – has made gambling on sports much more accessible in the past few years.

The increased financial stakes involved in today’s sports has the effect of increasing the temptation of corruption for players and officials. This is often the case with young and impressionable athletes: as Judge Jeremy Cooke said in sentencing 19-year-old cricketer, Mohammed Aamir, “'You were only 18 at the time and readily leant on by others… I am clear that you bear less responsibility than your captain who influenced you...”

Effects of Match-fixing Incidents

These types of illegal gambling activities pose a significant risk to the credibility and reputation of an entire sport, as well as all those involved in it. As Judge Cooke said: “The image and integrity of what was once a game but is now a business, is damaged in the eyes of all.”