The recent 71st annual Golden Globes Awards in Los Angeles was again highly anticipated with much effort spent on outfits and grooming for the big night. However, a water pipe malfunction ensured it “rained on the parade” of the red carpet. According to the Daily Mail, just two hours before the show was due to begin, the venue’s sprinkler system went into disarray as a large light was positioned near a heat sensor, causing a water pipe to burst and pour thousands of gallons of odorous water onto the red carpet. Thankfully, there were no dangerous technical complications arising from water flooding which was fortunate given it was in an area where lights and power outlets were stationed.

But the glitches didn’t stop there.  An error in the teleprompting system used to announce nominations lead to an awkward moment for Australian actress Margot Robbie, who informed the eager audience that the wrong information was on display, and as it was her first time being an announcer, she did “not want to improvise”. While she was promptly relieved when someone handed her a piece of paper to read from within a minute, it was an unnecessary uncomfortable moment for an actress already under immense pressure to deliver an award in front of thousands of the big names in entertainment.

Both incidents were within the event organiser’s control, and thus highlight the importance of risk management planning, particularly for a large-scale event with a large television audience.