Risk assessment plays an important role in each phase of a major event's planning cycle. Event's should be screened for major risks when a booking enquiry is first received to determine whether, based upon information provided by the promoter, the event presents an unacceptable risk to the venue. The event should be safe, profitable &/or consistent with the objectives of the venue.  If acceptable the proposed event's operating plans should be assessed based upon its real or perceived level or risk (in terms of dollars, safety and the venue's reputation), and the history of the event at other venues.

Event Risk Assessment & Checklists

Download pdf version of Event risk assessment & checklists

Operating plans for review by the venue as supplied by the promoter might include:

  • Site plans
  • Event operational plans
  • Waste management plans
  • Traffic and transport plans
  • Event risk management plans
  • Security risk management plans
  • Safety management plans
  • Job safety analysis
  • Safe work method statements

A review and final approval of such plans should be based upon the venue's own assessment of risk for the event. The venue should develop range of checklists to help standardise the risk review process.

Risk-based checklists should be used at each phase of the planning cycle:

  • Bookings - for initial event feasibility and screening
  • Planning - for checking the operating plans that they cover obvious risks in an appropriate level of detail
  • Construction/bump in - to audit the promoters contractors for safe work systems, appropriate qualifications and insurance certificates
  • Event - For conducting pre-event readiness checks to ensure all is plans have been implemented appropriately and the gates can now be opened
  • Post event/bump out - for dilapidation reports and event debriefs

Development and use of well-targeted risk-based checklists can help event organisers and venue managers manage the uncertainties associated with events hosted at their venue. By minimising uncertainty they maximise the chance of a great event!

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