The Association of Surfing Professionals (ASP) was the subject of adverse media in November when it was forced to retract a pre-emptively awarded World Championship title to pro surfer Kelly Later. Based on points accumulated throughout the ASP competition season, Slater was awarded the title after the third round of the World Championship event. Slater made a victory speech and his manager Terry Hardy threw him a party at the Sea Bowl in Pacifica to celebrate his success. In the aftermath of the celebrations however, Slater came across a fan's comment posted online suggesting that there had been a miscalculation of the competition scores. Checking the maths himself, Slater discovered that a mistake had indeed been made. He notified the ASP who was forced to retract the title awarded.

The same competition resumed and Slater competed in a fourth round, scoring highly enough to legitimately win his 11th World Title after the second heat.

Despite the fact that Slater did ultimately win the championship, the ASP’s error demonstrated the reputational risks that come with the awarding of awards in high profile events.

Another well reported incident occurred during the announcement of the 2010 winner of Australia’s Next Top Model. Host Sarah Murdoch named the wrong contestant as the winner on live national broadcast. She apologetically admitted to the mistake during the award ceremony attributing it to a communication error.  The incorrectly named winner was reportedly compensated for the embarrassment.  The incident dominated news networks for a number of days and was another important case study in poor brand and reputational risk management.