A pig named Kevin Bacon and his sheepish friend Bradley have been returned to their rightful owners three weeks after being pet-napped from Sydney cafe, the Grounds of Alexandria. As The Age reported, on October 7, a cafe cleaner alerted police that the pets were missing, and CCTV footage revealed that they had been stolen in a midnight break-and-enter by two men and a woman. The pets had been a popular attraction for cafe regulars and children, and news of their disappearance became wide-spread after cafe director Jack Hanna created a Facebook page for the missing duo offering a $5,000 reward for their safe return. The pair was dropped off at a Victorian animal shelter last month, two weeks before the shelter owner became aware of their celebrity status and informed NSW Police. Safe and well apart from understandable anxiety, the duo’s disappearance and voyage south is being investigated by police. Mr Bacon and Bradley can rest assured that they will be protected with increased security at the Grounds of Alexandria from now on, and that their safety is of utmost importance to Sydneysiders.