A woman died in April after her hijab became caught in a go-kart on the mid-north coast of New South Wales. She suffered throat and neck injuries after the hijab became wedged near a wheel axle, ripping the garment across her throat. In another incident involving amusement devices, days before, three teenagers were injured on the north coast of New South Wales, when the Ferris wheel car they were in broke free, plummeting eight meters to the ground.

And in yet another example of an amusement ride accident, three people were stuck upside-down on a rollercoaster for more than an hour at Sydney’s Royal Easter Show.

Go-karts, Ferris wheels and rollercoasters fall under the category of “amusement devices”. Devices which provide entertainment or amusement must be registered with the relevant state or territory WorkCover authority.

Following the Ferris wheel accident, WorkCover NSW published a safety alert to all owners and operators of amusement devices. The document included risk controls such as regular inspections and integrity testing, and correct transportation methods. The document can be found at: