An AFL umpire has been banned for the rest of the 2010 season after being found to have placed bets on the 2009 Grand Final. The four bets amounted to $60, and the umpire did not officiate in the match, however the league has strict gambling codes, and all players, coaches, umpires and officials are prohibited from betting on the AFL.

Sports betting in Australia

It was recently reported that in the media that sports' betting in Australia is currently the fastest-growing sector of the gambling industry. This is in part due to the role the internet has played in making sports betting more accessible, as well as the increase in live sports coverage on television and the internet. The explosion in demand for sports betting only increases the financial stakes involved and the financial temptations for sportsmen, women and officials. In Australia, elite sportspeople are potentially exposed to illegal gambling, and a high level of active vigilance is required by all clubs, officials and governing bodies involved in sport to prevent these incidents from occurring.

Reputation and credibility

Proven incidents of illegal gambling by sports people or administrators can possess a major risk to the person, the competition it involves, and potentially the sport's credibility and brand. All sports should regularly remind their members, staff and volunteers of the risks and penalties associated with illegal gambling and strongly enforce their own gambling policies and codes.