In a follow up from a previous edition of Shit Happens, the company responsible for the production on the 2015 Star Wars film, The Force Awakens, were fined $2.6million AUD for the accident that the court said, could have killed 72 year old Harrison Ford when he was reprising his famous Han Solo role.  Admitting liability, the parent company, had two health and safety breaches, with the presiding judge stating “If you have a risk assessment and you do not communicate it, what is the point of having one?” the judge said.  “That is the most serious breach here.”  

In New Zealand recently, McMahon’s Amusements were fined almost $80,000 after a two year old boy suffered leg injuries on a ride at the Alexandra Park Fun Fest.  The boy became entangled in the ride, with investigations revealing maintenance had been undertaken that day and not properly reviewed by the engineers who cleared the ride for use.  As part of the fine, the judge presiding considered the pain and suffering the injury had caused to the child’s parents, and specifically the impact of negative comments directed at the child’s mother on the social media, which had implied that the incident would not have occurred if she was properly supervising the boy.   

In May this year, the second largest workplace safety fine was issued to a Sydney builder after a worker died on their site, where the risk was known to the site manager who did not take adequate steps to remove the risk.  The fine totaled $425,000 and $85,500 for the company and its director respectively, who immediately took steps to place the organisation in administration.